The Phantom Menance

The one where you begin to dislike Anakin

An introduction to what you're about to read

The whole point of these pages is to give a starting point of dialouge about the 91 Canonical Star Wars Saga films. These include my thoughts on the various films. As well as ramblings about what could be better, worse, and what endears them to my heart. (Or possibly makes me roll my eyes) Nothing on these pages should be taken too seriously. And I want the record to show that I dedicate at best a modicum fascination with these films. And I do not spend all my days thinking about and discussing them.

Is this where we start?

The opening scroll of this film makes a bold statment from the get go. After finding out that this journey took place "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...." We are told this is "Episode I". An interesting statement given the fact that Episode I came after we had already seen three Star Wars movies. Of course this is because George Lucas started in the middle of his grand story arch back in 1977 with Episode 4. And after exploring the middle2 of the story we now turn to the beginning. These "prequel" films will connect to the episodes that have come before. But on the timeline they occur prior.

This begs the oft-asked question. Should you watch the story beginning from this point? Or instead should you watch it from Episode IV and view this film fourth? The answer of course is easy. Watch them in whatever order you want. You could watch starting with Episode 9 and work your way back laboriously to a mirrored starship landing on Courscant. My personal advice would be start with IV go through VI. Then I through III and end by remembering there was in fact three more films made but stop your self short of watching the last three. This will likely produce the maximum enjoyment

Good things about this film

Qui-Gon Jinn

has to rank high on this list. It might seem strange to single out one character in particular. But introducing Jedi into the film universe is a tricky business. Since 1977 we knew that there was such a thing as the Jedi order, but we had only seen its remnants. Yoda, and Obi-Wan were great characters to follow. And Luke came in to his own as a Jedi Knight. But what would it look like to see a Jedi Knight in their prime? During the prime Golden Days of ther order. Master Jinn is the shining example.

It's hard to go wrong when you cast Liam Neeson. He brings a fantastic weight to every role. And this was no exception. Jinn exudes

Attack of the Clones

The one with sand

Revenge of the Sith

The one with that lightsaber fight

1 Notice I am only discussing the Saga films in this particular series. There are also Anthology films (At this point only Rouge One) as well as other films that could be discussed. However, my attention is focused on the main backbone of Star Wars. The Skywalker saga that has been the focus of most of the films. For that matter it could be noted that most of the Expanded Universe material centering around the Battle of Yavin timeline is based around the Skywalker family. From the first introduction to Luke on Tatooine this family has taken the bulk of the attention.

2 But were Episodes IV-VI really the middle of a nine-part story arch? The evidence on this fact is divided. It seems at different times Lucas indidcated that he intended for there to be nine films or six films. You could argue that the story was well-structured to tell two three-part stories that mirror one another. The first part was the downfall of Anakin Skywalker. The second the uprising of his son Luke Skywalker to restore the balance that was lost when Anakin betrayed the Jedi and joined Sidious. The first trio of films then tells the second part of that tale. Of course now Disney is interested in propogating a nine-part story the last third of which they get to profit greatly from.