What is Yoda?

Last week the trailer for Mandalorian Season 2 dropped. The season, as they are leading us to believe, will center around Mando’s quest to return the Child to its homeworld. Of course this sets up the season to take us around the whole galaxy seeing new places and meeting new characters. But a central plot element is that no one knows where the Child comes from and even what species it is.

The prequel trilogy gave us an expanded look into the character, but his background still was given no explanation. Since Yoda was first seen there have only been a few sightings of his species, all of which are force sensitive:


Yoda was a powerful Jedi Master who served on the Jedi Council before the rise of the Empire. A notable apprentice of Yoda was Count Dooku who fell to the dark side and became the public leader of the separatist movement during the Clone Wars. After Palpatine revealed himself to be a Sith Lord and became Emperor Yoda fled to Dagobah and lived in isolation. He eventually would train Luke Skywalker before passing away after living almost 1000 years.


Yaddle was also a member of the Jedi High Council in the years before the rise of the empire. She was considerably younger than Yoda, and was seen on the council during the Phantom Menace. Her fate was not shown on screen when order 66 was executed and it is unclear if she escaped.

Vandar Tokare

Vandaar was also a Jedi Master who served on the Council (I’m seeing a theme with this species). But he was not shown in the films. Rather, this character is seen in the Knights of the Old Republic video game which is set thousands of years before the Skywalker Saga. Vandar would eventually perish at the hands of Darth Nihilus

The Child

The most recent of the species to be introduced (And the catalyst for this article) Is the Child. An infant who still possesses a great deal of force sensitivity and ability. The Child was captured by the Mandalorian bounty hunter before being protected from the empire by him. His origin is unknown and only time will tell if this child can be the reason we learn more about this mysterious species

When George Lucas envisioned the character of Yoda he purposefully left in a large amount of mystery. We’re not told where Yoda comes from or what his people are like. He simply exists in the story, helps the hero, and then passes on. It will be interesting to see if Disney will finally pull back the curtain on this species or if the Mandalorian will not give us the satisfaction of learning more.

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